Manueli - 'Tiger Piranha'

Serresalmus Manueli

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Fish Facts!

Manueli, this fish comes from Xingu river (Rio Negro Venezuela). These fish are said to be one of the biggest of piranhas. They have large red eyes with a dark shoulder spot. These fish are rather nervous in the aquarium and as they grow older they tend not to loose their colour unlike many piranha species. Large Manueli do not travel well so most imported fish will be in the smaller sizes. Some individuals can be very aggressive. At 7-9" collectors do often experience loss of fish, this is usually due to a build up of pollutants retained by the fish over time, the upmost care must be taken and ensure that fish are very well maintained from day one for longevity of fish, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrates and very low Nutrients. They prefer clean water so good filters along with plenty of water changes are necessary. Growth size: up to 24".

Manueli Piranha Care


All types of Manueli are solitary fish. Unsuitable to share a tank with any other fish.
You will need a tank of at least 120x50x50 cm. (48x20x20").


Plants, rocks or drift wood to provide hiding places, the tank lights should be dimmed. Heavy filtration is required to deal with the large amounts of waste this fish produces. A powerhead can be added to provide currents. Care is required in handling, extremely dangerous to hands. 



24-29 degrees Celsius (76-84 degrees Fahrenheit).



pH should be between 6.0 - 8.0, ideally slightly acidic to neutral water: pH 6.5 - 7.2 . Soft water is preferred.



All Manueli species can be shoaled together if well maintained.



Fish (whole, fillet or feeders*), shrimp, cockles, mussels, squid, insects, earth worms, pellets. Food items such as poultry, mammal meat and organ meat should be fed sparsely once or twice a month at the most. Meat needs to be unseasoned and trimmed of any fat.


*Live fish need to be quarantined first, so they are safe to feed (containing no diseases or parasites). Goldfish, minnows and other members of the Cyprinid family (Carp-like fish) should be avoided, as these fish contain growth-inhibiting hormones (Thaiminase/Vitamine B1 inhibitors) that could negatively affect the fish's health and development.



We offer a postal courier service to any part of the country so distance is not an issue and our fish are packed and transported under correct conditions, an information sheet is included on 'What to do with your Piranha'.