How to purchase fish

Get in touch, we will guide you through the process

Amazon Basin are happy to give useful advise on how to buy purchase Piranha. We generally keep a variety of Piranha including some of the rarer fish available and will give you precise information on characters of solitary and shoaling fish to help you decide what is best for you. Remember that different sizes and species of fish require varying sizes of tanks and conditions, 'happy' fish will give you hours of enjoyment and entertainment if kept under the right conditions. 

If you are new to keeping fish then some knowledge of fish keeping would be very helpful but not essential before you buy, although you would find it useful to be pre-armed with some understanding of the fish that you wish to purchase before buying from a supplier . You can find information on this site and others on the best way to keep Piranha and other species and there are a few forums on the internet which are related to 'aquarium fish keeping' with areas devoted to 'Piranhas', it is may be advisable to join one of these to gain some helpful hints from experienced fish keepers when thinking of  purchasing fish.

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