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Piranha supplier and retailer -Amazon Basin are one of the leading importers and exporters of Piranha, Stingrays and other predatory fish from South America.

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With more than 15 years specialised experience in keeping Piranha fish and in more recent years importing fish including many of the rarer piranhas, Amazon Basin UK currently hold one of the largest variety of piranha stock available in the UK, we are licenced and also import Stingray to order. All our fish are wild caught and comply with local government guidelines. Photos displayed on the site are of actual stock fish. 

Shipment of Piranha and other fish

We offer a postal courier service to any part of the country so distance is not an issue and our fish are packed and transported under correct conditions, an information sheet is included on 'How to Care for your Piranha on Arrival' this contains essential guidance on fish health.

Europe and the Rest of the World

Lengthy transportation times can cause stress to fish so shipment to Europe and other parts of the world is by negotiation, please use our email contact and we will be happy to advise you with further information.

Piranha information
To learn more about keeping Piranhas just download our info sheet from the PDF link (enable pop-pops) above.
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Piranha Care
Click here for 'Fish Facts' the do's and don'ts for keeping Piranha.